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All About QSchools


About QSchools

The QSchools app is a convenient way to share up-to-the-minute information with the school community and is a direct link to our school website.

• Subscribe, search and favourite multiple schools

• Access latest school news, calendar events, newsletters, annual reports and documents

• Up to date information for

-       contact details

-       class times

-       uniform shop

-       tuckshop

• Free to download via the Apple iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores.

QSchools App Update

New features of the Department’s QSchools mobile app have been released, including an exciting push notification feature which offers a direct communication channel from your school straight to your mobile phone. 

To be able to receive important messages instantly to your mobile device (push notifications) please:

  1. Download the QSchools app from your app store​
  2. If you already have the app, please ensure it is up-to-date, as out-dated versions will not receive notifications.
  3. Make sure you have favourited Oxley​.

You are now ready to receive important school messages direct to your mobile device!
The QSchools Mobile App Flyer (PDF, 970 KB) has more information about the benefits of using the QSchools app, and instructions on how to download/upload and use the app.